Liferay Content Management

Course Overview

Target Audience

  • Marketing
  • Content Managers
  • Content Editors


Prior to Taking This Course, It is Recommended That You Take Liferay Fundamentals.

Day 1

Content Management Concepts

Solving Real-World Content Needs

Storing Content in Liferay

  • Delivering Content to Users
  • Managing Content with Sites

Web Content Management

  • Creating Web Content
  • Adding Content to Pages
  • Localizing Content

Document Management

  • Storing Documents in Liferay

Generating Customer Engagement with Blogs

Providing Real-Time Updates on Team Projects

Using Folders to Organize Content

Tagging and Categorizing Content to Make Searching Faster 

Changing Content Display Options

Automating Content Updates with Asset Publisher

Day 2

Applying Consistent Design to Content with Structures

Improving SEO Ranking with Metadata

Incorporating Accessibility Practices

Managing Documents with Liferay Sync

Separating Team Projects Across Wiki Nodes

Defining User Segments

Targeting Content to Different User Segments

Gathering User Analytics

Integrating Google Analytics

Reviewing Content Submissions

  • Approving Content with Workflow
  • Writing Custom Approval Processes
  • Sending Time-Sensitive Notifications

Staging Content Before Publishing

  • Creating a Staging Area
  • Pushing Content to Production
  • Managing Multiple Versions of Sites
  • Scheduling Publication
  • Publishing A Complete Site Update