Liferay Front-End Development

Course Overview

Target Audience

  • Front-End Developers
  • UI/UX Developers
  • Technical Leads 


Prior to Taking This Course, It Is Recommended That You Take Liferay Fundamentals. This Course Also Requires You to Have Front-end Development Experience Using HTML/CSS.

Day 1

UI Development Tools

  • Node.js | Yeoman | Gulp

Lexicon: Liferay’s Design Language

  • Delivering a Consistent User Experience Across Devices

Modern JavaScript Design with ES2015

Creating UI Components with Metal.js

Maintaining Alloy UI

Building and Generating Themes

Customizing Lexicon and Bootstrap Components

Styling Applications

Creating and Using Reusable Themelets

Packaging Content in Themes

Embedding Applications

Creating Layout Templates

Embedding Applications into Layout Templates 

Day 2

Liferay’s Templating Options

Styling Web Content with Templates

Creating and Previewing Content Templates

Creating Notifications with FreeMarker Templates

Using Tag Libraries in Templates

Controlling Application Presentation

Using Google Closure Templates with Metal.js