Liferay Development Training

Course Overview

This the Days Training Will Give You Full Knowledge in Working With Liferay With Portlet Development, Customization, Building Your Own Application and Portlet, and Most Important Part Is Deployment of Portlet and Liferay for Organization. 

Candidate Profile Prerequisites

Liferay Development Course Is for Java Developers Who Can Be a Beginner and Have Experience in Oops Programming With Fair Database Management Experience.

Course Outline

Day 1

Liferay's Plugins SDK Overview

Installing Liferay Developer Studio

Setting Up the Space Program

Reviewing Liferay Concepts

Working With Java Standard Portlets

Difference Between Portlets and Servlets

Understanding Java Portlet Specification

The Portlet Lifecycle

Phases of the Portlet Lifecycle

Portlet Characteristics

Java Standard Portlet Exercise

Setting Portlet Preferences

Inter-portlet Communication

Methods of Inter-portlet Communication

Public Render Parameters

Working With Events

Portlets and Web Application Frameworks

Day 2

Design Approach

Setting Up the Data Model for Service Builder

Generating the Service and Persistence Layer

Leveraging Liferay MVC Portlet Framework

Displaying Data Using Liferay's Search Container

Localization, Feedback and Input Validation

Integrating Liferay Permissions

Adding Custom Portlets to the Control Panel

Day 3

Liferay Theme Overview and Exercise

Liferay Layout Template Overview and Exercise

Advanced Theme, Layout Topics, and Best Practices

Working With Post Login Action

Adding a Startup Action

Language Keys Customization

Customizing Core Liferay JSPs

Adding Post-processing to Liferay's Indexer

Extending Liferay's Services Using Service Wrappers

Overview of the Shell

Bundle Installation

Deployment Status

Dependency Resolution

Troubleshooting Deployment

Discovering Services